How to make a curry ball party appetizer

Make sure you leave your cream cheese out for a few hours, so that it can soften at room temperature.

Drain the crushed pineapple while you prepare your other ingredients.

Unwrap the softened cream cheese and put it into a large mixing bowl. My picture shows four packages of cream cheese, as I doubled my recipe.

Finely chop the bell pepper. You may substitute red or yellow peppers for the green.

Keep adding ingredients to the bowl, including the chopped green onions.

I like to buy the pecans already chopped. It saves me time, and chopped nuts are cheaper than whole nuts.

Add the lemon pepper and the seasoned salt, but NOT the curry powder! The curry part comes later.

I use this paddle blade with my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but you could mix all this by hand.

Mix until all ingredients are well-incorporated.

Turn half or all of the mixture out onto a piece of plastic wrap. I like to make two smaller balls, instead of one big curry ball. Do whatever you prefer.

Pull up the corners of the plastic wrap, forming the mixture into a ball.

Put the "ball" into a small bowl and into the refrigerator to chill. The cream cheese will harden and keep its shape better.

Here is my second one, ready to go into the refrigerator.

When the ball has set firm, spread some curry powder in the bottom of a bowl.

Turn your cheese ball out onto the bed of curry powder and start coating the outside. I use a spoon to cover the ball and my hands to gently shape it.

Pat a layer of curry powder onto your sticky cheese ball and try to keep its round shape. Make sure that all sides of the curry ball are coated completely before serving.

These crackers are my favorite, but Wheat Thins are similar.

Display on a platter with some delicious crackers and watch it disappear.

Watch the video: Anglo Indian Meat Ball Curry (May 2021).