How to cook chicken castellina

Grab pancetta

Throw it in the pan. Stand far away and just chuck it. Whatever lands it the correct amount.

Start boiling some water

Get pancetta all nice and brown

Cut up 6tbs of butter

Throw that in as well

Get dried tomatoes and garlic

Find some cream

Add that and milk to butter, tomatoes and pancetta

Go on your way to find cheesus.

Get sone artichoke hearts. Slice 'em and dice 'em, baby!

Shrooms! Slice some if these delicious beasts up.

Rosemary. Fresh is a hell of a lot better to use, but I didn't have any. Bad, dee! No! Guess you'll have to spank me..

Add it all in and bring it to an exciting boil for about a minute.

Add in some pepper

Whisk it continuously. Whisk it, sister!

Boil up pasta. Mama needs a bigger pot! Guess that's what I'll ask Santa for.

Get 3/4c of flour with some salt and pepper

Oil up a pan

Drudge chicken in flour mix

And cook 'em up.

All brown and delicious looking

Make sure they're cooked all the way through. Unless you want food poisoning to get out of work. If that's your reason for not cooking thoroughly, it is acceptable. Happy vomiting.,

Grab the wine

Splash it in the pan... and your mouth...

Add pasta and chicken to sauce.and BAM! You are done! Enjoy you cotton headed ninny muggins ;)

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