How to make a banana hair mask

Get your supplies! Use olive or coconut or whatever oil you have, I just happened to have almond oil today :)

Cut banana first then smash together with mayo. As far as measuring goes- I don't do that. Just use equal parts of mayo with the banana! Works every time.

Add honey first, because its thicker it will be easier to mix in. The amount of honey I add is about half the amount of mayo.

Lastly, add the oil. Use the oil to make the consistency like yogurt.

MAKE SURE there are no clumps or strings of banana in your mixture. If you need to use a blender- go for it; it's worth it!

Apply to hair for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse out in the shower, shampoo (if you want) and condition like normal. Then you're good to go!

Watch the video: Banana and Egg Hair Mask For Dry Damaged Hair (November 2021).