How to cook bua loi or thai rice balls in coconut milk

500g of glutinous rice flour and pumpkin

First step: Mix the rice flour (250g) with enough water to make a stiff paste.

Mix until be paste.

Mix same first step and add stream pumpkin to make yellow color^^

Now I have flour 2 color ^^ you can make more color. Because Bua-Loi have 5 color; white (flour), Pink (roselle), Yellow(pumpkin), Purple(taro) and Green(pandanus)

Bring a large pot of water to a boil, toss in the balls.

And remove when they float.

Remove to cool water

Boil coconut milk , sugar , palm sugar , salt and water. stirring constantly to prevent it from separating

Add flour balls

When the mixture returns to a boil, Add egg. remove from heat

Bua-Loi Kai-wan ( rice ball in coconut cream with egg ) the most famous dessert of Thailand.

Watch the video: Thai Coconut Milk Dessert Rice Balls In Sweet Coconut Milk Nin is Cooking (October 2021).