How to create ripped shorts

First your going to mark the outline of the rip you want to create

Then grabbing your nail file, I'm just using a foot one

See how worn down it is? This makes it easier to rip

Then taking your scissors

Your going to cut the top line of your markings

Closer view

Then your going to cut a second line a little bit down from the first one

Then flipping the shorts inside out, your going to use your tweezers to locate a thread which runs horizontally. Pull on this thread till it comes out like this

See the threads? Sorry about the bad photo

Keep pulling out the threads till you have pulled out about 5-10

Then, taking your tweezers you are going to start pulling out the vertical threads, the ones with the frayed edges

Pretty jeweled tweezers

See what I'm doing?

Halfway there

Keep going until you have pulled them all out and you are left with horizontal threads


Do the same again for the next section

Pulling first the horizontal threads

And then the rest

Done! I just did the one on the left, I had previously done the one on the right


Comment if you want a guide on how I did the back pockets (:

Watch the video: DIY. Distressed Denim Shorts. Josh Barnett (January 2022).