How to wrap a gift

Before cutting, role out paper and measure so paper covers 3/4 of the gift's top.

Cut the paper in a straight line making sure the paper covers 3/4 of the gift top on the left and 1/2 on the right.

Measure the sides with the 3/4 rule for the top and bottom

Cut any excess

Place the gift upside down on paper

Start your wrapping! Bring the paper 3/4 of the way like we did when measuring. Pull the paper tight and lightly push the box against it

Pinch the paper along the edge to make a sharp corner. Tape the paper to the gift in 2-3 places, depending on size.

Fold the other side of the paper and press so you have a straight, sharp line. Paper should fold over about 3/4 of an inch... See a pattern ;)

Repeat step six and seven

Tape in 2-3 places

Fold side down, pushing out any creases in the wrapping. Pinch the edge like before. Tape in 2-4 places, make sure that one piece of paper tapes over the seam

Push the paper to the box from edge to edge. Keep the paper tight to the box and form a crease along the side.

Pull the creased corner tight and tape so the tape connects the box and both corners of the wrapping. Complete on both sides.

Hold paper tight and crease lower wrapping on each side.

Fold and crease. Make sure not to get any ripples... Like what you see there. Once this is done, do not tape. Complete up to this step on the other end.

Once each side has been folded and taped except for one the one flap, place gift vertically and pull the flap tight. Crease edge and tape at the center and each corner.

Write "to" and "from" on the bottom of the gift... No need for those silly stickers :)

So pretty!

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