How to make an amazing grown up grilled cheese sandwhich

Put mayonnaise on your sandwich (I'm using a panini grill so I don't but anything on the other side. But if you use a pan put the mayo on one side and butter on the other)

Put your choice of cheese! (I like cheddar personally.)

I like to put a small amount of garlic. It melts with the cheese and makes the sandwich taste kind of like garlic cheese bread. Up to you though.

Add some onions for crunch!

I like to add some 1/2 shredded turkey or ham. It's yummy. :) Once you're done putting all the stuff on your sandwich, add a little more cheese to make sure everything sticks together.

Then grill it up! :) once it's done enjoy your amazing, grown up grilled cheese sandwich. Also, experiment. Add different things onto the sandwich. :)

Watch the video: Grown Up Grilled Cheese (September 2021).