How to make tamagoyaki (sweet eggs)

I'm only making for me so I'm doing half of this recipe.


Crake eggs into bowl

Add ingredient

Mix every thing until i looks like this

Set stove to medium heat and add oil

Sorry about the pic but test the pan to make sure its hot by dropping some egg on it

Add a little bit of the egg mixture and let it cook

Once cooked start to roll it

There it is rolled

Add a little bit more egg

Once cooked roll again

Here it is rolled

Add the rest of the eggs

Once cooked roll again

Let the rolled egg sit in the pan to cook the middle but not to long or it will look like this. You don't want it to be burned

Here they are, the better one is one the right. I made another one to show that it's possible without burning it.

Sorry about any bad pictures. I hope you enjoy this recipe. :)

Watch the video: Tamagoyaki Recipe - Japanese Cooking 101 (January 2022).