How to rehab a gross chair

Supplies: fabric, staple gun, scissors, screwdriver, five in one, needle nose pliers, hammer.

Measure your chair to determine how many yards you will need. If you get a distinct pattern, you will need enough yardage to keep the pattern consistent on multiple chairs.

Flip the chair and unscrew the seat from the base.

Using a five in one and needle nose pliers, carefully remove the staples from the fabric cover.

Put this aside and keep it to reuse it.

Now remove the seat fabric taking out as many staples as you can.

Use the old fabric as a pattern and cut out your new fabric. You can double up the new fabric to cut out more than one new cover.

Drape and position your new fabric and remove any wrinkles.

Flip and start by stapling down the straight edges opposite each other.

I switched to a heavy duty stapler because I couldn't find staples for the other one. :)

The corners are a bit trickier because you don't want any wrinkles showing. Pull a bit and staple, overlap it and repeat.

You want the wrinkles to stay under the seat.

Keep checking the front.

After stapling all sides and corners, pound down any raised staples.

Reattach the fabric cover.

Line up and screw the seat to the chair.


And there you have it!

A whole new look.

Watch the video: Dan Doriani on Work and Social Reform (May 2021).