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Radio: Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Heat gettin' you down? If you're in a house where installing central air would also mean installing ductwork, maybe you should think about a ductless mini-split system.

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Mini-split systems consist of two main components: a condenser/compressor unit that sits outside, and one or more air handlers that distribute cooled air indoors. The components are connected by wiring and a conduit for refrigerant. The air handler-the indoor component-is typically wall- or ceiling-mounted.

The benefits of a mini-split? Unlike a window air conditioner, a mini-split is controlled via a thermostat, and it won't block a window or need to be removed at season's end. Unlike central air, a mini-split cools a particular room (or rooms) and can be shut off as needed to save energy. Because they don't use ducts, mini-splits don't have the energy losses associated with ducted systems.

The cons? Aesthetics: Some don't like the look of the indoor units. And price: For the cooling capacity you get, you're spending more than you would on either a window unit or central air. And while they're easier to install than central air, you'll still need to hire a pro for installation or risk voiding the warranty.

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