How to cook egg curry dip!

Hard boil eggs

Chop the tomatoes into small slices and make garlic paste from 6 gloves, chop half red onion

This looks dark!! It's red onion on oil and Indian spices - turmeric, chilli powder and cumin powder! Cook for 3 minutes

Cook the tomatoes and garlic paste with the onion and spices being cooked on the pan for 5 mins or till the tomatoes are soft and pasty

I diced and cut the boiled eggs and mixed with the tomato gravy I cooked on stove! This is perfect for rice and naans or as a dip with wine !!

I love cooking things from scratch ... But this is cheating , frozen parathas from Indian store being cooked on non stick pan without oil, this will be served with the egg curry dip!

I am serving this cold with the parathas I cut down into tiny triangles!! I love it and it takes only 20 mins to cook!!

Watch the video: CWE. Yesterday Great Khali will make egg curry (January 2022).