How to make brown eyes pop!

Apply primer to entire eyelid

Use your finger. You can apply to bottom as well if you are trying to get rid of dark circles.

This is usually when I apply my facial stuff. Some people do it at a different time.

Now for the shadow. Start with silver.

Apply on the bottom of eyelid only

Next is a medium purple color (sorry about my messy palette lol)

Apply starting at corner of eye following the crease line. Be sure not to cover up the silver and don't bring it all the way to the brow.


Like so

Apply dark purple using a round shadow brush. Only apply on outer corner

Drag it on the crease. But don't make it too thick.

Blend blend blend!

Use a eyeliner brush (or small flat brush) and apply the dark color on the outer edge of the bottom lash

Drag it to a little past the middle

Light neutral color

Apply just under the brow. Be sure not to drag too far down

Now you can apply eyeliner. Make it just a wee but thicker towards the outer eye.

Same as bottom.

Eyebrow tint (optional)

I always apply eyebrow tint. It makes your eyes pop out more.



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