How to make a diamond-backed fish

Note: In all of the steps, you should crease.

Select your sheet of origami paper

Fold your paper diagonally, then diagonally on the other half

Fold all the corners in to the center and crease

Open up the side flaps

Fold the flaps behind the figure

This is the back view

Fold back the ends of the triangles

It should look like this when you are done

Fold the points so that they meet the end of the triangle

Fold the blue part so that the crease lines up with the edge of the triangle

Fold the point in again

Fold the flaps in to meet the center line, so it looks like this

Fold the corners in to look like this (only on the left side)

Fold the corners in to meet the center line

Fold the bottom right corner diagonally up, then unfold

Lift the top right corner and bring it down, then unfold

Fold the edge back and unfold

Fold it in like this, crease, and unfold

Repeat step 23 with the top

Open the pocket in the tails top layer and tuck the flap inside

Turn it over and voilĂ ! You have a diamond-backed fish!

Watch the video: Fish Diamond Fry recipe .. (November 2021).