How to make tomoko fuse's espiral + variations

(Note: The left side will show previous step & crease to current step. Right side will show what it looks like after you do current step). Fold in half diagonally. Unfold.

Fold in half diagonally other direction.

Fold bottom left side up to center crease.

Fold top right side to center crease.

Fold bottom right side to center crease.

Fold top left side to center crease.

Fold in half.

Fold left side down on front.

Fold right side down onto back.

Unfold as shown in model on right side.

Make a total of four the exact same way. Be sure you're folding exactly the same.

Place two side by side as shown (yours will form the diamond crease; ignore the X crease cuz I messed up there).

Place third one as shown (over pink; under green).

Place fourth one as shown (under pink; over green).

Now to form spiral. Just remember to go counter clockwise. I'm going to identify them by color now to make easier. Fold patterned one down as shown.

Fold pink one over towards left as shown.

Fold the dark one up like so.

Hold patterned one straight up &...

Fold green over to right.

Here is first round complete. Now just keep going. Always remember to go counter clockwise.

Here's a couple more rounds completed.

And done. You can either twist the little points, leave as is, or glue down. Ah, but wait. What if you flip it over & do the exact same thing on the other side?...

You get this! Just pull on the points gently to make it more three dimensional. You can squish it over n over if you're bored.

Here's what they look like all done. How about another option?...

Well, after you finish the front side in step 22, flip it over.

Fold pink down.

Fold green over to right.

Fold green (yellow) up.

Fold patterned over to left (under green/yellow). You'll need to glue these guys down now.

Here's two all done. Aren't they pretty? What if...

You glue them together?

You'd get this!

What will you do with yours? I'm gonna figure out to turn one into a spinning top...stay tuned!

Watch the video: How to make a Kusudama Star. Origami - 捏折 Variation Tomoko Fuse (September 2021).