How to make frothy delicious coffee

Boil water if you're using an electric kettle then leave the boiling to the end.

Gather your supplies for the coffee while the water is boiling.

Add your coffee.

Add coffee mate, try taking heaped 3 tsps. This coffee is more milky than dark.

Stir stir stir until your coffee mixture looks something like this. (Gross, I know but you'll love the taste). Little or no lumps of coffee mate should be left.

Pour your boiled water. Note: I didn't add the sugar in the mixture. I will tell you why in the next slide.

Now add sugar =). If you add sugar in the beginning with the coffee mate your mixing will become difficult and it won't dissolve the coffee well. Always best to add it in the end with the water.

Stir well and enjoy. If your coffee is still too dark or bitter add more evaporated milk and half a tsp sugar.

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