How to make fruit leather in your alto-shaam oven

Start with a good quality fruit purée.

Blend it a little to ensure you don't have any lumps.

Pour the purée over a silpat on a sheet pan.

Tilt the sheet pan and tap it on the table to create a thin layer.

Tap the corner on the table to spread the purée even thinner and more evenly.

You can use other purées to create a decorative pattern.

The pomegranate makes a nice contrast.

Place into the Alto-Shaam holding cabinet or cook and hold at 140F (60C) for about 3 hours.

Place a piece of parchment over the fruit leather and roll it up onto the paper. You can unroll to en up with this.

Here's an example of something fun you can do with your fruit leather.

Cut into strips.

Wrap around some flour less chocolate cakes.

Example dish. Enjoy!!!

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