How to create a facebook offer via your mobile phone

First and foremost, make sure you have an ads manager account setup with Facebook. You won't be able to create an ad via your phone. Secondly, download fan page app "Pages". Click this to begin

Click on the page you manage and click "offer" top right.

You have 90 characters to explain what the offer is. In the following sideshows - in preview - you'll see what I've written as the offer.

Press the + symbol to the left of offer and for this example I've selected "Choose From Page Album".

Then I'm choosing their profile picture. Easier to fit in the thumbnail for the offer picture.

Below the offer you'll then see limit, expiry date and terms and conditions.

Select the expiry date. If you select a certain date but then in preview it's the day after, don't be alarmed as this is just the default setting from Facebook.

This is the most important part of any offer. As you'll see above I've listed some important terms. This appears in the email to the fan when they claim the offer.

Once you're ready to go, press preview below and you'll come to this page. Simply move the scroll bar left or right to promote the offer. MUST have as manager setup to activate offer. Press promote

As mentioned its important that you have an ad manager account setup with Facebook before you follow these steps and of course, are an admin for the page. You need 400 likes for page to have "offers"

Watch the video: How To Create And Use Facebook Offer On Facebook Page With Offer Tab Setup (May 2021).