How to powder coat paint fishing jigs

Wear shoes and pants when doing this and work over a table. Heating metal always has risk of danger. Ie: dropping hot metal in your pelvic area doesn't sound nice. Follow manufacturers directions

Here is what you will need, it is a low start up cost.

First grab the jig or item to be painted with something before heating. It will get hot if you didn't know.

Heat the jig with a lighter or torch or heat gun. This takes practice. These small 1/16 oz lead take about 3-4 seconds. More is not better. Also a word of caution, lead will melt with a bic lighter!

Dip the jig in your first paint and swirl around then tap excess off on your cup rim.

This is how it should look. If its bubbling its too hot! If it powdery it's not hot enough, but that's ok. You can go over it with a torch, heat gun or put it in the oven and it will get glossy.

I'm doing layers on these, Just dip the part you want painted in to coat. After my first coat I hit it with a torch fast before adding second coat. Tip: don't use bic for 2ed, black marks!

Here you can see it wasn't hot enough. That's ok. Hit it with a torch. I'm adding a 3ed speckle layer anyway. It will be hot for it now.

This is the speckle 3ed layer. I found after 3 layers they tend to drip in the oven. Too much paint. After you get the hang of it it's easier to control the amount you add.

This is the torch I use to run over them when the paint isn't hot enough. It doesn't leave black soot on them like lighters or candles.

Here it is on. It only takes 5 or so seconds to heat the paint up to melting point.

Here it is with 3 layers.

Here's some colors you can do. Also you can mix them as you like. The messes are easy to clean up, vacuum cleaner. You can sprinkle a color onto it or use a brush to flick it on for different effect

Here I took a cookie rack and bent it to hang them when I'm done. I place this on a cookie sheet lined with foil before I bake.

Now do as the manufacture says. It usually says bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. That's the norm. Smaller ones may need lower temps longer. .

Here's some colors you can get. Mix them up and you have many possibilities.

After baking let them cool then paint your eyes on with vinyl paints for a no chip finish.

A finished 3 layer. First peach then white then super glow green. Easy cheesy.

Watch the video: How to finish Jig Heads using powder coat paint (November 2021).