How to cook quick chickenpasta!

This is an easy guide that shows you how to cook an easy pasta dish!

Set The oven on 200 •

Put The chicken on The pan - spice it with whatever you Like :-)

Cook The pasta!

Chop The tomatos, spring onions, basil

Slice some bread and top it with olive Oil ( you Can choose to put some garlic on this )

Top it with cheadder cheese and put Them in The oven

When The chicken is done, put lots of olive Oil on The pan. 1 dl / 8 table spoons. Put The pine nuts on The pan as well. Fry for 1 minute. Make sure they dont buuuurrn!!

Add your choped veggies, and ad lots of garlic!! Smash Half of The tomatos, (Also add lots of salt, because of The tomatos .)

The Pasta is done!!

Slice up The chicken, and add

Add The veggie Oil nut thing ;-)

Whip it around, with some of The cheadder!!!

Dinner is served!! ;-) in abouth 25 minutes!! Enjoy - hope you Will Like it :-)

Watch the video: Simple Pastas: Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil (January 2022).