How to cook jackfruit jam

Organic Jackfruit cut a half, digging the fruit without seed.

Prepare Jackfruit without seed and clean it with fresh water.

Use the mixer and squeeze the jackfruit.

Leave few jackfruit and cut small pieces.

Mix squeeze and small piece of jackfruit together in bowl.

Preparing the lemon and brown sugar.

Cut the lemon skin with small.

Cook the jackfruit in pan around 15 mins.

Cooking around after 5 mins, adding sugar with 4 tablespoons, putting some lemon skin and lemon juice together.

Well done! Pick the jackfruit jam in the glass bottle, cool down the temperature of jam and keep in refrigerator. The taste is so yummy.

Watch the video: jackfruit vegtunau0026dry fish in coconut milk. sayul nangka. (September 2021).