How to make french roasted chicken

Large bowl



Crush 4 garlics (leave the shell)

Squeeze 3 lemons to bowll (throw them inside bowl)



Chop up 1 onion to an oven tray

Fill up the chicken

Let the chicken soak for 10 minutes

Place on oven tray

Remaining flutes from bowl on the chicken

Little olive oil

Generous portion of salt

400 degrees for an hour & 15 minutes

Remove chicken

Place in bowl

Take out fat from oven tray

Add half a cup of chicken broth to oven tray

Mix with burned onions

Pore the oven tray threw (not sure how its called in English) squzze out all the juices from onion

Add salt

Half a lemon

Hazelnut oil ( 2 spoons)

Pore juices from resting chicken


Cut chicken

What ever is left on the Brest plate chop up to make shredded meat

Put some spinach & the shredded meat in a serving plate and pour some of the sauce on top

Pour some sauce on the chicken. That's it .)

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